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Concerned Citizens for a Better Community of Boonville

CCBC Community Center

Resource Center

The Resource Center is an ongoing project for the CCBC, which will contain multiple computers and other resources for use by the public. These tools can be utilized by the public to finish assignments and tasks, submit applications, and more. The resource center also contains a printer and scanner.

The resource center will be the first and only truly free and unlimited access to resources available publicly to citizens in the area.

The CCBC would like to thank these organizations and individuals for their assistance and donations to the Resource Center:

  • City of Boonville
  • John and Nancy Ward
  • Garrett Fuller

Current work is being done to revitalize the resource center by modernizing equipment and installing equipment that will enhance its usability to citizens.

Spaghetti Dinner Foodraiser

On April 21, 2017, Boonville senior Garrett Fuller held the Spaghetti Dinner Foodraiser to raise the funds to purchase three new computers for the CCBC Resource Center. Fuller raised $497 that evening - enough to purchase one new computer.

The new computer, a shiny new ThinkCentre, was unveiled at the May 2017 Board Meeting.

More information, including the reflection by Fuller, can be viewed here.

New Computer